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Call Direct: 604-688-7860   The Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy was the first Narrative Therapy training centre opened in the Northern Hemisphere. The VSNT goal is to provide a home for newly inspired Narrative Therapy training - brought to you through the politic and practice of our 25 year apprenticeship with David Epston, Michael White and the Just Therapy Team. The VSNT faculty stand in a variety of diverse social locations and - each member is respected internationally for their longstanding therapeutic and teaching know how. Our intensive Narrative theory and practice certificate courses are taught at the novice, intermediate and advanced levels.

The schools 20 year training mandate has created a community of ethically congruent and richly skilled narrative therapists who have patched together an ongoing international network of therapeutic discussion among their peers and teachers. To this end, VSNT hosts the annual Therapeutic Conversations Conference. The TC conference is designed for fun, connection and stretching the ideas further. TC is attended by hundreds of narrative practitioners and community workers from all over the world - who share a common bond within the politic and practice of narrative, social justice, feminist, queer and anti-oppressive practice ideas.

The VSNT is currently developing an online interactive teaching and training archive (dating back to 1992) of CE approved APA accredited videos, lectures, live counselling sessions, interactive interviews, webcasts and workshops. The tc.tv live channel will be available to members who join our community to upgrade their skills and learn from an international group of Narrative Therapists . Please subscribe to our mailing list to stay informed.

After 20 years of providing innovative Narrative Therapy training, The Vancouver School firmly believe that novel and fresh minded ideas from across our many narrative therapy generations (veteran and newly arrived), situated and intertwined within the intersectionalities of where we are each so located – are needed. And hopefully, together, we can offer each other a loving place to belong, explore and – push the practice knowledge further.

Stephen Madigan PhD. is a Vancouver-based narrative therapist and the director of the VSNT. Stephen and his faculty colleagues are continually changing and reshaping the design and content of the training and workshops offered.

Write to us with your Narrative Therapy questions at narrativevancouver@gmail.com, or call us at 604-688-7860.

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