Developing Questions: 3 Day Advanced Narrative Certificate Training

             September 28 – 30th, 2018

The Discovery Learning workshop is voted ‘best workshop’ year after year by International participants

Granville Island Hotel – Vancouver, Canada

Senior Faculty: Stephen Madigan & David Nylund

Mission: VSNT is fully commitment to a wide open form of transparency learning. Our faculty present their live demonstration work with sincere frankness, openness and candidness. This approach to learning the complexities, vulnerabilities and excitement surrounding narrative questions teaches, translates and guides the participant learner towards more robust understandings in the study, craft and development of therapeutic questions and – the lost art of therapeutic letter writing.

Description: Developing questions (and writing therapeutic letters) invites the participant group to partake in a dedicated form of transparency learning through a practice known as Discovery Learning – a powerful narrative therapy supervision practice developed by VSNT’s Stephen Madigan and David Nylund.

Learning: Participants learn to identify, discuss and practice the grammar, politic, temporality, direction, purpose and creativity behind therapeutic questions and practices of the written word within their own work. They do this through a unique, up close, and intimate study of their own and the faculties questions and live interviews.

Questions & Letters: The 3-day intensive advanced certificate course explores the art of creating therapeutic questions and letters through ongoing up close live counter-story interviewing with David & Stephen.

Purpose: To supervise participants towards developing their own unique crafting of therapeutic questions and therapeutic letters.

This course always sells out one month ahead of time.

45 participant maximum  


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