TC14 Presenters

Rosa Elenea Arteaga – Vancouver, Canada

Rosa Elena photo150x150Rosa Elena Arteaga is wildly passionate about her work which is framed in a narrative, feminist, anti-oppression, practice. Rosa holds a master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work from Melbourne University/Dulwich Centre. She has been the manager of direct service and clinical practice with Battered Women’s Support Services for the last twelve years. Rosa has been working in the anti-violence field for over sixteen years delivering workshops on gendered violence to provincial, national and international service providers. Rosa is a strong advocate for social justice and social change.



Tom Stone Carlson – Fargo, USA

Tom is a professor and director of the Couple and Family Therapy program at North Dakota State University. He is also the Co-Director of the Stone Center for Relational Accountability. Tom has been practicing and teaching narrative ideas for over 20 years and is especially interested in exploring ways that narrative practices can be transformed into rituals of honor and dignity of person’s lives.  We look forward to Tom’s upcoming writings with David Epston regarding their new work on narrative therapy supervision and training entitled Insider Witness Practices.



Victoria Dickerson – Los Gatos, USA  

vdickersonVictoria Dickerson, Ph.D., is currently in private practice in Los Gatos, California and is the Social Media / Communications Strategist for the Family Process Institute.  She edited a special section on narrative and poststructural ideas for the journal Family Process in June 2016 and also edited an AFTA Springer Brief – released in June 2016 on the same topic. She travels nationally and internationally giving workshops in narrative ideas and practices and writes frequently about the narrative/ poststructural approach. She is currently the President-Elect of the American Family Therapy Academy. In 2012 she received the Lifetime Achievement Award from AFTA.


David Epston – Auckland, New Zealand 


David Epston co-founded narrative therapy. He is known worldwide as a remarkably creative thinker and therapist. David’s improvisational skills in the art and craft of asking therapeutic questions is unsurpassed and – his therapeutic letter writing abilities are rather mind blowing. David is the recipient of numerous international therapy awards and honorary doctorates. He is also the author of several books and articles about narrative therapy. When he isn’t away teaching therapy workshops around the globe, he splits his time between Auckland, New Zealand and his retreat on Waihiki Island (where he gardens and has been known to raise goats). David holds positions at  Department of Social Work, University of Melbourne, Australia, and PhD program in couple and family therapy, North Dakota State University, Fargo, North Dakota 

Jean-Luc Forest- Vancouver, Canada

jjf-picJean-Luc Forest is a Narrative Therapy trained Family Law lawyer & mediator who’s previous studies focused on international relations political theory, through a critical theory and cultural studies lens. He is Métis.




Arthur Frank – Calgary, Canada 


Arthur Frank is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of Calgary and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. He is best known for his work on illness experience (The Wounded Storyteller, 1995; 2nd edition 2013). His more recent interest is in storytelling in daily life (Letting Stories Breathe, 2010) and practices of family therapy that he has studied since the 1960s.



Jill Freedman 

Jill Freedman150x150Jill Freedman is the director of Evanston Family Therapy Center and the co-author, with Gene Combs, of more than 30 papers and 3 books, including Narrative therapy: The social construction of preferred realities and Narrative therapy with couples… and a whole lot more! She teaches internationally including as faculty of the Masters Program in Narrative Therapy and Community Work offered by Dulwich Centre and the University of Melbourne, Australia.




Travis Heath – Denver, USA

TRAVIS (1)Travis is an assistant professor of psychology at Metropolitan State University of Denver. In private practice he works with a diverse array of people including many referrals from the city of Denver’s judiciary system. He is particularly interested in cultivating ‘counter-individual’ approaches to working with young people entangled in the criminal justice system. Over the last several years he has started using rap music in conjunction with narrative therapy to work with urban youth. Most recently, he has also become a member of an extraordinary international narrative team who use case stories (also known as exemplary tales) as a pedagogy for therapists and students interested in learning and/or refining the art of narrative therapy practice.


Lorraine Hedtke – California, USA


Lorraine Hedtke, MSW, LCSW, PhD, teaches about death and bereavement throughout the US and internationally. She is professor in counselling at California State University, San Bernardino, is on faculty at the Vancouver School of Narrative Therapy, and is an associate of the Taos Institute. Her latest book co-authored with John Winslade through Routlege Publications is entitled The Crafting of Grief (2016). Many books on grief lay out a model to be followed, either for bereaved persons to live through or for professionals to practice, and usually follow some familiar prescriptions for what people should do to reach an accommodation with loss. The Crafting of Grief is different: it focuses on conversations that help people chart their own path through grief. Authors Hedtke and Winslade argue convincingly that therapists and counselors can support people more by helping them craft their own responses to bereavement rather than trying to squeeze experiences into a model.

Kay Ingamells – New Zealnd 

Kay head horizontalA narrative family therapist, counsellor and social worker. Kay has taught narrative therapy at Unitec, New Zealand since 2006. She also has a lively private practice. Kay has been supervised by David Epston since 2003. 




Sheila Izu – Barcelona, Spain 


Sheila Izu is a psychologist, psychotherapist and family therapist in Barcelona, Spain. Her background includes a Master’s degree in Constructivist Psychotherapy at the University of Barcelona and a Master’s degree in Systemic Family Therapy, Autonomous University of Barcelona. She specialized in individual, group, family and multi-family therapies for people – mostly women and their relatives –  suffering from eating disorders in different inpatient and outpatient programs since 2006. She became a member of the Spanish Narrative Therapy Association in its early inception. Currently, she develops a multifaceted profile combining her work in the private setting with therapeutic training of postgraduate students and with her collaboration in the multi-stressed family therapy service in the public setting. Her specific interest is in developing new anti-a/b practices in collaboration with David Epston and Stephen Madigan.

Helene Grau Kristensen  – Copenhagen, Denmark

HELENE (1)Helene Grau Kristensen is co-founder of Narrativ Praksis, the centre for narrative therapy in Denmark. She is currently teaching the narrative approach at the University of Copenhagen. Originally trained by Michael White, Helene primarily works and writes on grief, death and hope and – she specializes in working with parents who experience the lost of a child during pregnancy. 



Stephen Madigan – Vancouver, Canada

Stephen is the director of the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy. He’s enjoyed a long time apprenticeship in narrative ideas and therapeutic practices and is presently developing a new ‘relational interviewing’ approach to working with conflicted couple relationships. The American Psychological Association is publishing a 2nd Edition of his best selling book Narrative Therapy – theory and practice (2011) in September 2017. Stephen trains, consults and supervises Norway’s National high conflict couple team project and – teaches narrative therapy workshops worldwide.



Laurie Markham – Los Angeles, USA

Laurie is the fieldwork coordinator for the USC Rossier School of Education and the Medi-Cal program coordinator at Miracle Mile Community Practice. She has published her written work in Family Process and The Journal of Feminist Family Therapy. Her fondness for young people dates to her 10 years as a public school teacher, and more recently, her work as a therapist in public mental health. She is co-author, along with David Epston & David Marsten, of Narrative Therapy in Wonderland (WW Norton).



David Marsten – Los Angeles, USA

david m
David is the director of Miracle Mile Community Practice and has practiced narrative therapy with young people and their families for over 25 years. He presents narrative workshops internationally and he and his co-authors David Epston & Laurie Markham launched their new book entitled Narrative Therapy in Wonderland (WW Norton) in the Fall of 2016.




David Nylund  – Sacramento, California

David Nylund in Ireland
David is a Professor of Social Work at California State University, Sacramento.  He is also the Clinical Director of the Gender Health Center, a non-profit agency based in Sacramento, California that serves the transgender and queer communities. David has been a faculty member with the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy since 2010, and is the author of several books and articles on narrative therapy, queer theory, cultural studies, and critical sports studies.



Sanni Paljakka – Calgary, Canada 

img_4184-2Sanni Paljakka has been trained as a therapist at the University of Vienna and the University of Calgary.  She came within an inch of walking away from it all unless a way of crafting conversations could be found that would not reproduce the stale conditions of failure, shame, and docility. Today, her practice among a lively team of Narrative therapists in Calgary is a statement of both protest and possibility. Sanni counts the mission of “Rescuing Words” (in the form of poetry) from the clutches of dismissal to back pockets, mirrors, hospital rooms, and picture walls as one of her most joyful accomplishments so far.



 Sasha Pilkington- Auckland, New Zealand 


Sasha currently works as a counsellor for Hospice North Shore. She has practiced as a narrative therapist for 30 years within a wide variety of mental health contexts and is the author of several published case stories that illustrate narrative practice with people who are dying. Sasha has written therapeutic letters throughout the years she has been practising. She enjoys collaborating with the people she meets with to explore creative ways in which therapeutic documents can acknowledge and honour their experience.

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