TC14 Workshop Handouts

Day One

1. A Few Questions that Matter – Victoria Dickerson, Jill Freedman and Stephen Madigan

A Brief Introduction to Michael Whites practice (2002)
The Application of Michel Foucault’s Philosophy in the Problem Externalizing Discourse of Michael White
Narrative Structure- Landscapes of action and Landscapes of consciousness (1)
Questions to develop stories for TC14
Absent but Implicit
Lisa transcript

2. Narrative Therapy Questions for Trauma and Violence Affecting Vulnerable Communities – Rosa Arteaga and David Nylund

3. Transforming Narrative Therapy Questions From Craft to Art – Tom Carlson, David Epston, Kay Ingamells and Sasha Pilkington

Day Two

1. Unbearable Weight: Encounters with a Deadly (and seriously tricky) Cultural Problem – David Epston, Sheila Izu and Stephen Madigan

Separating the Person from the Problem
Fuck you, anorexia
Julie King Converting Moral Outrage to Moral Stamina
Co-research-Exposing Perfectionism..Chloe, Victoria, Lona and David. 2003 Part
Co-research-Exposing Perfectionism..Chloe, Victoria, Lona and David. 2003 Part 2
Judy – Aged 30 Anti-anorexia
Epston & Madigan- On Leagues
TC14 Anti-anorexia handout

2. Narrative Therapy Questions Designed for Grief, Loss and the Restoration of Relationships – Lorraine Hedtke and Helene Grau Kristensen

Narrative Therapy Questions Designed for Grief, Loss and the Restoration of Relationships

3. Narrative Case Stories as Virtual Apprenticeships: Bringing the Artistry of Narrative Questioning to Life – Tom Carlson, Kay Ingamells, Travis Heath and Sasha Pilkington

Insurance Policies for Miracle Cures- Pilkington
Three possible categories of counterstorying and some counterstorying practices within narrative questions
Wilbur the Worrier Becomes Wilbur the Warrior- Ingamells
Wilbur the Warrior- teaching handout
Selected Questions From Wilbur the Warrior
Apprenticer Apprentice- Reconsidering the pedagogy of apprenticeship in Narrative Therapy Training

Day Three

1. Crafting Questions That Bring Children “Into the Know” – Jill Freedman and David Marsten

Exercise- Acknowledging Mothers
Positioning positions for families
Witnessing in family therapy

2. Theory, Questions and Practices Designed for Conflicted Couple Relationships – Jean-Luc Forest, Stephen Madigan and John Winslade

Relational Interviewing Nordic Journal 2017 Madigan

3. Aren’t Therapeutic Letters Actually Stories? – David Epston, Kay Ingamells, David Nylund, Sanni Paljakka and Sasha Pilkington

‘Rose’s Revisioning of her Life’
Anti ADHD letter to Brandon
Dear John and Jane Popeye
Disclaimers handout
Lucy’s Quartet of Letters
Marisa Revisits
Notes to Letters
Theo Letter
Dear Claire as part of story
Dear Craig & Linda

Please note that VSNT will not be providing paper handouts at the conference. Please be sure to read all handouts prior to attending the conference and print copies if you prefer to use paper copies. 

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