Narrative Therapy Informed Relational Interviewing with Conflicted Couple Relationships

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November 4th & 5th, 2016 – Granville Island Hotel, Vancouver BC 

Relational Interviewing is not a therapeutic practice designed to reinvigorate a conflicted couples memory of individualized dysfunction, attachment deficit, or suffering.

The starting point of Stephen’s new Relational Interviewing work was created to reinvigorate the historical relationship’s relational ethics prior to the onset of the conflict. Stephen has moved towards a therapeutic vocabulary of relational ethics – and away from all commonly used psychological vocabularies of relationship pathology and individualism.

A Relational Interviewing practice allows for a reflexive reengagement with the relationships ethical and moral principles once important to relational life. When the relationship remembers to engage the particularities and multiple stories that make up the relationships ethical past – the story and experience of the relationship expands beyond the confines/restraints of the conflicts frozen landscape.

Relational interviewing supports the idea of emotionally preparing couple relationships (through various therapeutic practices and documents that make up the Relational Interviewing approach to conflicted couple relationships), well before the relationship comes into contact with legal narratives or therapeutic discussions about the possibility of relationship re-unification.

Relational interviewing emotionally prepares distinct a bridge between ethical therapeutic narrative with important (but differential) legal narratives. Central to this right of relational passage is the transport of the relationships ethics from the therapeutic to the legal narrative site. Emotionally preparing couple relationships frees up legal narratives from becoming stuck in destructive relational conflict.

Relational interviewing views itself as working in support of legal narratives by assisting in the emotional preparation and repair of the relationship through the creation of ethical documents – prior to any financial/children related discussions found in the preparation of separation agreements .

Stephen guides participants learning through recent Relational Interviewing videos with conflicted couple relationships he filmed in Australia, Canada, Norway and the USA. He will also discuss his new consultation and training project with Norway’s National Couple Conflict Team.

Participants will learn Relational Interviewing methods concerning:

  • Beginning the first interview
  • Creating relational safety in common conversational ground
  • Relational and ethical remembering questions
  • Reconstructing ethics before Deconstructing conflict
  • Writing therapeutic letters to the Couples Relationship
  • Questions on Loss and Grief of the relationship
  • Contextualizing Individualized Personal Failure
  • Couple relationship to Children’s Future
  • Creating Community of Concern
  • Creating Ethical Documents
  • Rights of Passage from Narrative to Legal Narratives

This workshop may be of interest to therapists, family lawyers, mediators and students. 

Note: Due to high student enrolment VSNT does not, under any circumstance offer refunds. If for any reason you miss an VSNT course after payment is made, you are entitled to use the credit within 12 months for other VSNT courses/conference. Questions? Refer to FAQ section on the site or ring 604-688-7860


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