FAQs – Monthly Intensive Narrative Supervision Group

1.) Q: Can I alternate between the Friday and Saturday classes?
A: Unfortunately we do not offer the option of alternating between the two available days.

2.) Q: How many people can I expect to see in my supervision group?
A: We only offer 8-10 seats per group.

3.) How many days will I have to commit to attending in person?
A: We require registrants to attend 3 full days of in class and for the follow up supervision there is the option of meeting with Dr. Madigan in person for your 3 hours of in person or Skype.
*Note that there is no option for telephone supervision.

4.) Q: What are the hours of the in class supervision days?
A: 9:15am-4:15pm

5.) Q: What if myself and another registrant want to take all of our individual follow-up sessions together?
A: This is not a problem, but keep in mind that a 1 hour session will count as supervision for both of you.

6.) Q: Is there an expiry date before which I have to use up my 3 extra hours of follow-up supervision?
A: Yes, we require that you use your three hours of supervision by February 15th 2013.

7.) Q: Is there an option to group the follow up supervision into a few hours instead of 3 individual hours?
A: We can only accommodate one and 2 hours of supervision sessions.

8.) Q: Can I join the Intensive Supervision Group if I am not seeing any clients?
A: We require that you are actively seeing clients in order to take this training.

9.) Q: Do you require registrants to bring a transcript to supervision?
A: Yes we require a transcript of 10 mins length, of a current session with one of your clients.

10.) Q: If I cannot attend my scheduled training can I transfer the tuition to another course?
A: Yes, but you must give us 21 days advanced notice of this change.

11.) Q: If I have a tuition credit on file with VSNT when do I need to use it up by?
A: All tuition credits are valid for 1 year from the date paid to VSNT.

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