Foundations Level I – 4 day Narrative Therapy Intensive – Los Angeles, California

November 9 – 12, 2017

Location: 3rd floor – 18111 Von Karman Ave – Irvine, California 92612
Cost: $500 General Registration and $400 Student Registration
Room for 60 participants.

Course Outline: Narrative Ideas and Therapeutic Practices offers participants four distinct workshop experiences that demonstrate the philosophical and ideological views that shape and influence the faculties practice of  narrative therapy – while making the practice of narrative therapy completely visible and clear.

The workshops includes concise video and live practice demonstrations of working with people experiencing diverse and complex problems including: 1) Madigan: Relational Interviewing with conflicted couple relationships; 2) Markham & Marsten: Wonderfulness Interviewing with children, youth and families;  3) Nylund: Queer Informed narrative therapy interviewing with GBLT identities; 4)  Hedtke: The Crafting of Grief: constructing aesthetic responses to loss and grief.

Course Objectives: Narrative Ideas and Therapeutic Practices: certificate workshop designed to offer numerous opportunities for the participant to experience both the historical theoretical foundations and new forms of narrative therapy practice.

  • Narrative Ideas and Therapeutic Practices: certificate workshop invites participants into a deep reflection and accountability of their present narrative therapy work.
  • Narrative Ideas and Therapeutic Practices: certificate workshop expects that each participant will return to their work place with many enhanced narrative therapy skills.

Please Note: The VSNT-California Narrative Ideas and Therapeutic Practices workshop format can be as useful for a narrative therapy trainer/supervisor/consultants, veteran narrative therapists and students recently engaged with narrative ideas and practices.

Please Note: Enrolled participants will receive a package of handouts. At the completion of the Intensive 4-DAY Narrative Therapy Practice Course participants will receive a document of certification from the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy. CE credits can be awarded.

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Faculty: Lorraine Hedtke, PhD,  Stephen Madigan PhD,Laurie Markham MA, David Marsten MA and David Nylund, PhD are five of narrative therapy’s most well published and well practiced therapists in the world today.

Foundations Level Training

Please Note: Since registration always sells out on a first reserve basis, VSNT- California does not offer refunds once your payment has been made. 

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