Foundations Training: 5-day Certificate Narrative Therapy Intensive

September 26-30, 2018

Granville Island Hotel, Vancouver, Canada 

Faculty: Rosa Arteaga, Lorraine Hedtke, Stephen Madigan, David Marsten & David Nylund + 4 special guests

The Canadian Counselling Psychotherapy Association awards 30 CE credits for this VSNT certificate training.

*Please note: this course always sells out one month ahead of time.

Course Schedule: please note this schedule may evolve and change
Day 1: Wednesday – 9:15 am – 4:15 pm Stephen Madigan MSW, MSc, PhD introduces participants to the foundational ideas, practice, new developments and other worldly therapeutic practice of Michael White and narrative therapy. Selecting tapes from the historical archives of the workshop day is guided by a close up, step-by-step analysis of narrative’s key ideas and then demonstrated through Stephen’s video tape sessions and unaltered transcripts.

  • Ethics, politics and poetics behind narrative therapy practice,
  • Re-authoring and re-remembering conversations,
  • Relational externalizing practices and developing unique outcome moments,
  • Thickening counter-story descriptions,
  • Therapeutic letter writing,
  • Circulating new and preferred developments

Day 2: Thursday Morning 9:15 am – 12:30 pm  David Nylund MSW, PhD presents a practice discussion highlighting various narrative therapy practices of therapeutic letter writing with children and youth (video emphasis on ADHD, temper taming, bullying and fears). The workshop involves a live demonstration interview where participants learn the structure and creativity involved with writing therapeutic letters – through an exercise of writing therapeutic letters.

1:30 pm – 2:45 pm  Working as both co-founder and Clinical Director of the Gender Health Centre, and the University of California School of Social Work – David Nylund  presents his superb work on a Queer Theory informed narrative therapy practice. Teaching through numerous taped session demonstrations David highlights theory, practice and supervision to highlight: issues of representation, homonormativity, transgender youth, trauma, violence, masculinities, gender binaries and more.For many of us in the narrative community, David’s work alongside the GHC is the most exciting and innovative work going on in the international narrative therapy world today.

Day 3 – Friday 9:15 am – 4:15 pm: Rosa Elena Arteaga MA has clinically supervised a multi-disciplinary team with a nonprofit anti-violence women’s organization in Vancouver, Canada for over fourteen years and has thousands and thousands of therapy hours providing support to girls and women who experience gendered violence. Rosa guides participants through the complexities involved in working with girls & women victims of gendered violence through narrative therapy practice and a trauma informed feminist approach. Participants learn and practice creative and therapeutic narrative conversations that address the effects of gendered violence and trauma while strengthening the resilience, agency and strategies that girls and women use to become free of violence and abuse. Rosa teaches her approach to gender violence through session videos, unaltered session transcripts and story telling.

4:30 pm – 6:00 pm –Drinks with participants and faculty at the Granville Island Hotel bar

Day 4: Saturday 9:15 am – 4:15 pm With her latest book The Crafting of Grief: Constructing Aesthetic Responses to Loss (2017), Lorraine Hedtke MSW, PhD has (completely) revolutionized grief psychologies thinking and practice on grief, loss and letting go. Lorraine’s method of teaching is through live re-membering therapy demonstrations and the transparency offered through her  unaltered session transcripts. Lorraine guides participants through her new practice ideas and skills on therapeutic conversations involving the loss of loved others as well as with more difficult death experiences involving trauma, abuse and suicide. Her practice work shows a deconstruction of grief psychologies dominant ideas and counters with a reconstruction of grief and relationships through these remembering conversations.

Day 5: Sunday 9:15 am – 4 pm – Special Topics in Narrative Therapy Practice. VSNT is happy to offer participants 3 new and exciting workshop topics.

1) Denis Dion MA & Allison Rice MA on New Narrative Practices Working with Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling;

2) Akeiko Rawn MA on Narrative Therapy Practices with Neuro-diverse Youth: Using metaphors and visual aids to support acceptance and create agency with children and youth categorized as Autistic, ADHD and OCD;

3) Christine Dennstedt MA, PhD on Narrative Practice Ideas Working with Persons Struggling with Disordered Eating.

4 pm – 4:30 pm – Awarding VSNT Narrative Therapy Intensive Participant Certificates.

 VSNT training may also be used as prerequisite courses for the Masters in Narrative Therapy program at the University of Melbourne, Australia (through Dulwich Centre) and, credit courses for the Child and Youth Care, Masters and PhD programs through the University of Victoria, Canada.

Note: At the completion of the Intensive Week Long Narrative Therapy Practice Course participants will receive a document of certification from the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy. Please advise us on how you would like your name to read on the certificate ~ thanks. *Please note the schedule above is subject to change.



Note: Due to high student enrolment VSNT does not, under any circumstance offer refunds. If for any reason you miss a VSNT course after payment is made, you are entitled to use the credit within 12 months for other VSNT courses/conference. Questions? Refer to FAQ section on the site or ring 604-688-7860

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